CB 046:  Robert Altman’s “3 Women,” 1977.

Millie Lammoreaux:  Ever since you moved in here you’ve been causin’ me grief. Nobody wants to hang around you. You don’t drink, you don’t smoke. You don’t do anything you’re supposed to do!

Altman says in the commentary that Shelley Duvall suggested her character be incredibly self-assured despite constantly getting spurned by everyone around her.  This seemingly incidental personality trait ends up being a major theme of the film.  Much of the emotional payoff comes from watching these characters get up and dust themselves off again and again after life—in the form of unsympathetic coworkers, neighbors and the general public—repeatedly deals them a blow.  Altman says, “it’s a terrible thing, we don’t know the number of people in life who aren’t equipped for it, who aren’t educated for it … these were two lost souls that were courageously trying to make their way through life in a way that in their own mind they thought was acceptable.”

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